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Software Engineer - Frontend

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GoGroup is on a mission to build amazing companies with amazing people. We own the processes of building these companies - be it incorporating the company or providing access to venture capital or building complete product & technology.

At GoGroup, business and tech go hand in hand. Amazing companies need strong tech from the start. That's why we believe in teaming up founders and tech engineers for our biggest opportunities. That way you work together from the very early phase and grow the company together to unicorn status and beyond.

As a group, we are building our own ventures from scratch. With that we are enabling the best tech talent to get in on massive opportunities very early on. This of course provides exciting technical challenges that you will get to work on. You will be fully focused on one of the ventures of our group, going deep on one product, getting more and more responsibility and learning a lot about the technology of that product/technology. At the same time you will profit from the knowledge sharing across all our ventures. In our Friday Education sessions one team member is always presenting a key topic that they have been working on and which will help other team members to learn and grow.

Today, we are building 8 companies. We have a 40 people core team and our portfolio companies have 100s of people. We continue to stay profitable and are constantly expanding our portfolio. We work on a wide array of technologies like MERN & MEAN, RoR stack, Angular, React Native, Go, SQL and NoSQL, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes and so on. We do not tie ourselves to limited techs and aim to use the right technologies that are best suited for our startups.

Our experienced team of founders and leaders have built multiple product companies in the past and are now on a mission to create this unique ecosystem where founders and engineers build amazing companies together. We are looking for engineers who want to work with accomplished founders, great product managers and driven colleagues to build these companies. We believe you can be a part of our core team. Come, join the mission!






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You'll need to:

  • Translate designs and wireframes into high quality code.
  • Participate in technical discussions and communicate across teams.
  • Write and maintain modular and high performance code.
  • Collaborate with BE devs and UX designers to improve usability.

You should have:

  • Should have strong JavaScript fundamentals.
  • Understanding of React.js or Angular or Vue.js or similar framework/library and its core principles.
  • HTML/CSS experience, including concepts like layout, specificity, cross browser compatibility, and accessibility.
  • Basic understanding of FE build systems and tools like Babel(ES6), Webpack, Grunt, npm,. is a plus.
  • 0.5 - 2 years of relevant experience with any of the above mentioned JS frameworks/libraries.
  • Decent communication skills.
Work from anywhere, IST Timezone